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Awarded Grants


E-Sports (Valerie Ray)



Total Distribution:  $4437.50


CCSD Science Department (Erin Tucci)
Purchase of solar eclipse glasses for students and faculty of the district



Open Gym Transportation during school breaks (Will Lamont)

Maximum of $800.00


Connected Community – Holiday Support



Center for Innovative Learning (Liz Garofalo)

Purchase of supplies for new room set-up


6th Grade Team (Dave Uryniak)
Roller Skating Field Trip



Total Distribution:  $7075.00


Connected Community (Reenie Dailey)

Support for CCSD students and families


Health and Wellness PD/
Art and ESL Initiative (K. Boisen, A. Nojaim)


Canastota Chapters of Future Business Leaders of America (Bob Esposito)

Travel funding for State Leadership Conference



Reading Initiative – RSES (Karen Henner)

To support literacy skills at the elementary level and to provide mentoring from high school leadership students



Leadership Workshop (Lisa Visalli)

Workshop presented to class officers


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